Scott Ourth double dipping?

Back in February of 2006, it was reported that a few statehouse leaders had begun to wonder why staff members in the secretary of state's office were showing up on Culver's campaign finance disclosure statement. A number of reimbursements were paid by Culver's campaign committee to Scott Ourth, while he was simultaneously on the state payroll as assistant secretary of state. "We know they have day jobs," a legislator said. "And working on Chet's campaign while being paid by Iowa taxpayers is not it." Can we honestly trust a representative who engages in such unethical practices? Please join in the discussion on this forum with your own opinions on this matter.



Again, contributor Celtic is spot on with this rather serious blemish as well.    Based upon the evidence which I found here, it seems Mr. Ourth really WAS double dipping, for as you all may clearly see, listed in this "expenditures" report for the Culver campaign, Ourth is being listed as "on the payroll".    Shame on Mr. Ourth for collecting a state salary while simultaneously working for the Culver campaign.  Of course this revelation is not all that new, further searching on this subject found a newspaper and blog report from 2006 on this exact same issue.  Reports such as this and this only further the confirmation that this rumor is indeed true.  Of course this kind of behavior does NOT pass the ethics sniff test for most Iowans and especially not for those good people of District 26, who I know as my friends and neighbors.  Keep digging you guys, I'm sure there are even more things to report, for a well informed voter is a responsible voter!